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Proposals are unique, complex, and critical to your organization's growth. So, we developed an equally unique service that combines copy editing with a mock evaluation, peer review, and compliance check—resulting in proposals that are clear, persuasive, and easily evaluated.

Your proposals are good. Our proposal specialists can make them better. Let's chat. 

Our specialists review commercial, government, and grant proposals for organizations with all types of needs and budgets. Some clients have us review every proposal draft, while others have us perform quarterly audits to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.


Whatever your situation, we will work with you to identify the best and most cost-effective ways to increase your proposal quality and win rate.

  • Responses are compliant with the RFP

  • Sections have a consistent voice and style

  • Messaging is clear, logical, and free of jargon

  • Content is organized and customer focused

  • Messages are reinforced by persuasive elements

  • Persuasive elements align with proposal strategy

  • Numbering is correct in all figures and tables

  • All acronyms are reconciled and listed, as needed

  • Responses are free of typos and grammar errors

Our proposal reviews ensure:

"Freestyle understands our business and messaging, so their reviews make our documents not only easier to read, but also more persuasive for evaluators. And beyond that, they take the time to provide instruction for how to improve future documents, which has really elevated our team's performance."


—Senior Business Development Specialist, Financial Services Firm

Our Review Approach
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