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Passion. Insight. Integrity.

At Freestyle, we're passionate people. We're passionate about giving words power and purpose. We're passionate about quality and communication. But most of all, we're passionate about ridding the world of inconsistent, jargon-littered proposals and sales content.

With tight budgets and even tighter project timelines, you need a partner that can hit the ground running. You're in luck.

Our team members have a wide array of corporate and industry experience, as well as advanced degrees in professional writing, technical communication, business, and more. And that's not all. We also possess professional certifications, including proposal management, project management, and copy editing.

If you've seen it, we've probably dealt with it. So sit back, relax, and let Freestyle help you stand apart from the competition. 

Our Values


Details matter, especially when it comes to the way clients perceive your brand. So, we take pride in all that we do, ensuring that good enough is never good enough—even when nobody is watching.

Our Leader
Joe Latta


Joe founded Freestyle in early 2013, armed with one client, a trusty dog, and a passion for developing clear, compelling content. Today each is still going strong, but now Freestyle partners with more than 50 organizations across the country, providing them with the tools to inform, persuade, and win more business.

As Freestyle's Director, Joe ensures timely client service and leads many of the firm's proposal management and sales content projects. In addition, he regularly facilitates proposal workshops and speaks at seminars on persuasive business writing and editing techniques. 

Prior to Freestyle, Joe served as the manager and quality control reviewer of proposal and marketing teams at several national consulting firms. While in these roles, he led the creation of content across the sales cycle, resulting in improved awareness, credibility, conversion rates, and new and cross-sold business. 

Our Values
Our Leader

Interested in Joining the Freestyle Team?


Think you would be a good addition to the fun, fast-paced environment at Freestyle? Great! With every month bringing new projects and steady growth to Freestyle, we're always looking for independent consultants and full-time writers/editors to join our team.

"You are superb writers of professional services proposals and collateral, but what makes your work so special is an ability to work closely with your clients to pull out the value proposition so it jumps off the page. It is simply outstanding!" 


—Director of Marketing and Sales, Accounting Firm

Our Clients
Our Clients
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3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 223, Baltimore, MD 21211  |  Tel: 410.999.5426

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